Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Light at the end of the tunnel. Oh I hope! #creativeartssafaris #research #hope

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Off to Oz

Can't wait to go and see my kiddy winkles and mates. It is always too long between visits.
Hard to be away from the workshop and all that is happening.
I think I might be a work-a-holic!
Definitely a new idea-a-holic, once I get something in my mind it goes around and around until I have picked it to pieces, restitched into something I like, maybe chopped then and changed and re-worked.
Hmmmm when you put it like that, does sound a wee bit obsessive. I know sometimes it is all too much for Praveen. He is very supportive and makes things happen for me but the whole process gives him a headache sometimes.
Haha poor boy.
A lot of us workshop people went to a wedding the other night... very sparkly and fun to be out together. 

A whole crowd of family dropped in from Delhi, after the panic of where to fit them it was a lot of fun.... and I think it was just last week we were in Lucknow for training . Definitely light at the end of that tunnel and out colour unit is mow off and running, we kept working on colour samples as we Mae breakfast with all the family around. Haha crazy.

Goodness this is all in the last week

I need a break!

Grrr internet here is rubbish at the moment no photos. I had a great one of the light at the end of the tunnel from the great maze in Lucknow.
The spaces at the Bara Imambara is now my second favourite built space. First is still the Mosque Cathedral in Cordoba. Built spaces that bring happiness to my heart.

We had a lot of fun with our photo shoot last week and even more satisfaction seeing Manju Madam (in purple on the left in the background) step up and look after the Stitching Ladies work whilst we were busy. Training her to progress to look after the Stitching in and out records and first line of checking. Great to see her progress. #thestitchingproject #satisfying #trainingday #empoweringwomen

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